On behalf of the students and fellow faculty members I would like to introduce you to Ennead, the Graduate Degree Exhibition of the MFA in Digital Arts, a degree run by the Department of Digital Arts of the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences, University of Malta. The exhibition is the culmination of two years of intensive research and production.

This year’s participating artists are: Mickayla Bugeja, Emma Cini, Peter Magro, Lara Manara, Nicole Pace, Bernard Polidano, Clayton Saliba, Daphne Sammut and Nicole Zammit.

We would like to invite you to experience works which utilise a variety of media to address the equally diversified concepts, and where the digital medium in particular, is not only a tool for creative expression and artistic creation, but also an inherent component to shape the conceptual process. The works being exhibited not only recognise the significance of the skilful application of traditional media, but also acknowledge the potential of emerging technologies to give rise to new processes of conception. In turn, such an unconventional blending of media proposes the notion of hybridity itself as a cultural construct to be negotiated, altered, enhanced or challenged
by both artists and the consuming public.

The MFA in Digital Arts programme provides the artistic and contextual framework for such a forum to materialise. Through its focus on creative practice and interdisciplinarity, the degree promotes a learning environment in which historical traditions and new practices confront and influence each other within a contextual, cultural and theoretical framework. The curriculum is grounded in a visual arts tradition, is informed by a rigorous study of the history and theory of modern and contemporary art, and is enriched by opportunities to work in an interdisciplinary fashion with other departments, institutes and faculties on campus.

I would like to wish all the participating students the best of luck with their creative endeavours, and a long, fulfilling and successful career within the arts.

Prof. Vince Briffa
Head of Department of Digital Arts and course leader

Photo - Marco Giuliarelli for Civitella Ranieri Foundation

Prof. Vince Briffa


© 2021 - Clayton Saliba

MFA in Digital Arts Exhibition

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